Prospect Marketing


This targeted monthly newsletter program is designed to generate new business in the neighbourhoods of your choice. The three-panel colour newsletter allows you to customize local statistics and features your photo, your latest listings and your contact information for full advertising impact!

Distribution Rights!

Once your newsletter is distributed to the households in your chosen letter carrier walks, no other real estate agent will be allowed to contact those same prospective clients with our neighbourhood newsletter for the duration of your program.

  • Target your distribution region.
  • Ensure exclusivity in your reserved marketing area.
  • Generate business in the neighbourhoods of your choice!
  • Fully-Customized Outside Spread, Content-Packed Inside Spread

Live Demo

Take a tour of our neighbourhood newsletter for an idea of the type of content we can produce for your clients. This sample shows the Canadian Single Family version. Please ask your sales representative for the most current sample in the version you are most interested in seeing.

Customizable Areas

While there are different pre-written versions of the neighbourhood newsletter produced every month, keep in mind that you also have the choice of replacing anything on the outside spread with something more specific to your business or brand.

Whether it’s a custom masthead, a personal note to your prospects, customized certificates or colour photos of your latest listings, simply send us the replacement information and we’ll take care of creating your personalized newsletter to suit your specific needs.

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