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    Direct Marketing
    Market Connections is a focused,
    progressive partner for data-driven
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    Marketing Communications
    Our solutions integrate your business objectives
    with our experience to create
    innovative marketing communications.
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    Operational Communications
    Automated solutions built
    to your specifications that are
    flexible, reliable and compliant.
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    Consultancy Services
    Our team has the expertise to provide you with
    an enterprise-wide view and assessment of
    your current resource allocation to make
    recommendations to reduce your costs and
    improve the client experience.

Direct Marketing

Hands-on enough to nimbly execute complicated programs, progressive enough to offer advanced choices, personal enough to take the time to listen to clients, and big enough to get the job done safely, accurately and on time, every time.

With in-house content, formatting and data services, as well as digital print and finishing, we produce creative, industry-specific, data-driven, multi-platform communications.

We’ve assembled the best team of customer service representatives and programmers to make sure communication with your client is handled correctly from the beginning, utilizing custom programming for automation, speed and accuracy so that you get results fast.

Data – The key to every communication

We have a long history of working with clients who have the strictest data security requirements. Data security, knowledge and control are everything to you. So, it’s everything to us. And that’s the reason Market Connections achieved SOC 2 certification and undergoes an annual audit by an outside firm. Our clients know that, as their service provider, Market Connections conducts the strictest security testing and has implemented the tightest controls to ensure that customer data is handled with the care, security and control our clients expect and deserve.

Multi-Platform Expertise

All types of programs on all types of platforms.

Direct mail: Still proven to be the most trusted and cost-effective ROI performer for one-to-one communication. Market Connections provides strong colour and black digital printer capabilities as well as flexible, high-speed lettershop services for quick turnaround and high daily output.

Email: A natural follow-up to direct mail, conveying consistency of message and branding

Social media: Ease of access makes social media a strong supporting vehicle.

Web to print: Of special interest to retail outlets — controlled creativity for the user within regulated messaging and brand integrity parameters.

Web Storefront: Convenient for ordering and fulfillment.