Has Market Connections been acquired by Doxim?

Yes, MCI has been acquired by Doxim in February 2019. Please read more details about the acquisition in our press release.

Is Market Connections going to continue producing its Dental Health News® newsletters and other related marketing products?

Regretfully, no. As part of our post-merger integration, the development, sales, and production of the newsletters, postcards, greeting cards, calendars and digital products has been halted.

When will the last issues of each product line be published?

The last issues to be produced are as follows:

When is the last day to submit changes for the newsletters?

Please ensure all changes are submitted by May 1, 2019.

Can I still login and access my Invoices and Order History?

Yes, Online Customer Services will be up and running until May 31, 2019. How to Print Invoices.

Can I still download my Mailing List?

Yes, you will be able retrieve your mailing list data until May 31, 2019. How to export your Mailing List.

What will happen to my data? Will my data be sold?